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Foremost Framebuilders in the World Ready Their Best Creations for NAHBS

Hewitt, Texas
Foremost Framebuilders in the World Ready Their Best Creations for NAHBS

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS), the world's largest consumer show for custom-built bicycles, will showcase the innovation, creativity, art, and first-class handiwork of the master craft of framebuilding from March 2-4, 2007 in San Jose, California.

Exhibitors, driven by a passion that fuels countless hours of painstaking and detailed work, already have a variety of bicycle frames, parts, styles, and accessories ready for NAHBS when the curtain goes up.

Don Walker, founder of NAHBS and an esteemed builder of 10 years himself, will have no less than six new track bicycles at the show. A track racer himself, Walker specializes in track bicycle and tricks them out with unique paint jobs, custom parts and bling! One of the bikes he's been working on for NAHBS has an ultra-secret special paint job that will be unveiled Friday at the show. He will also be showing his first British racing tryke, whose frame made its debut at last year's NAHBS. This is a perfect bicycle for someone with balance or other motor skills problems. "I've spent much of my time building fillet-brazed racing bicycles, but now I'm starting to dabble in lug carving so I can make more traditional-style bicycles," says Walker, who lives in Texas.

Nelson Titanium Products (NTP Bikes) of San Francisco, CA is presenting two exciting designs at this years NAHBS. First and foremost is the Full Nelson, Dan's first custom titanium fully-suspended mountain race bike. It's a slick, fun, super-fast design showing a stunning shot-peened finish (a strong and especially beautiful surface treatment) which can be added to any frame. Another brand new offering is a 29'er single-speed design with Paragon's new sliding dropouts, combining road and mountain geometries for a beautiful and responsive ride. Dan Nelson, owner and framebuilder at NTP Bikes, has a long, successful background in welding and truly enjoys listening to his customers and translate their wishes into something they will love forever.

Canadian Sam Whittingham of Naked Bicycle and Design, who holds the world HPV speed record, will bring several frames as well as one of his specialties – custom handlebars developed to put the "aero" back in aero-bars. Customized to each customer, they are built for speed, strength and their sleek looks. In addition to several sets of custom handlebars, he will have dropouts specifically designed for touring bikes that need to cleanly run mud-guards and racks. "I want to build for the people who can't find the bike they want anywhere else, the people who are excited about the unique style and personality I give to bikes," says Whittingham.

Bill Rider of Charter Oak Cycling in San Dimas will have several city bikes with unique touches like front and rear racks brazed right onto the frame (instead of bolted on to a finished bicycle) and internally-geared hubs which allow the choice of 8 to 14 speeds. Some of the bikes will be painted by premium painter Joe Bell, who also paints for Richard Sachs, among others. Among his other showpieces, Rider will bring a light-weight fillet-brazed road frame made with True Temper S-3 tubing as part of a bicycle that weighs a total of 16 lbs. "My inspiration comes from other frames I have seen, my own ideas of how a bike should look, past constructors, and current icons. I also like to try new things I haven't done in the past. I try to make a piece of art in its own right," says Rider, who has been in business five years.

Christopher Igleheart, of Igleheart Custom Frames and Forks in Massachusetts, has a track bike that won kudos in a local "bike porn" contest, with gold hubs, cranks, rims, seatpost, stem and handlebars. Additionally, he will show a classic blue "mixte" frame (a step-through design built for a woman with twin top tubes) and some of his other handiwork, which includes forks from vintage restoration to suspension adjusted disk-braked mountain and tandem forks, as well as prototype forks for new quick release systems. After 20 years of building frames in his free time, he has now quit his day job to do what he loves doing full time. There is no limit to the fabulous bicycles, fun and practical accessories and novel ideas to be shared by the best framebuilders in the business and the people who drive their business and their passion – consumers who love bicycles.

About the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS)
The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is dedicated to showcasing the talents of individuals around the world whose art form is the bicycle. It aims to be a gathering point – online and in person  for frame builders and consumers looking for custom-made bikes, for the sharing of ideas and promotion of this special industry which has such a rich history. After two years of growing by leaps and bounds, NAHBS 2007 will feature still more exhibitors, consumers and a wealth of seminars. For more information, see




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