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International Bicycle Fund

IBF Announces Essay Contest Winners



The 2008 edition International Bicycle Fund Student Essay Contest attracted several hundred entries this year. The essayist wrote about personal experiences, bicycling personalities, and bicycles and society; past, present and future. After difficult deliberations, the winners, in their respective categories are: "People Ride Bikes" by Evan Macri, age 7, Laurel Elementary, New Castle PA; "Chappaqua: Future Town of Bikes" by Riya Verma, age 10, Seven Bridges Middle School, Chappaqua NY; and "Specialized!", by Christina Norwich, age 16, Garfield High School, Seattle WA. Each writer receives a cash prize and certificate. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the students who submitted essays.

Overall, this year's entry strongly reflected the issues of the times; personal health, climate change and the price of gasoline. But the winners were all a little bit unique: Evan contrasted the experience of young bicyclists in America and Africa. Riya examined the benefits of a bike-share program in her hometown. And, Christina's essay, captures the feelings and experiences she has had becoming a bike racer. All of these essays and a number of the runner-ups may be read on the IBF website, .

International Bicycle Fund Student Essay Contest is open to anyone 16 years old or under. There are cash prizes for the winners in age group categories: Essay may be on any aspect of bicycling (history, touring, racing, commuting, role in society, learning, teaching, etc.) Girls and boys from all countries are encouraged to participate. You need not be a bicyclist. The deadline for entries is every year on May 1st (mailed entry must be postmarked by 1 May and arrive by 15 May.)

The essay program takes a surprisingly large number of hours to administer. If you would like to support this and other IBF programs, it can easily be done online by clicking here.


One of the goals of our travel program is to help people get out of the travel ruts - heading to the tourism destination enclaves. We do this by offering programs to really interesting places that are not mainstream destinations, and by giving people an opportunity to see a mainstream destination through a different and more interesting lens. We hope you will take on one of these opportunities.

Up-coming Programs Include:

South Korea: September 28-October 12, for more details see Half of South Korea in pretty industrial, and the other half in picturesque rural, riverine, forested, coastal and mountainous, continuously culturally rich and dazzling -- it is the latter half that we explore! We can't understand why touring cyclists are swarming all over the back roads of South Korea. Come be the first on your block to discover the elation of bicycle touring in Korea.

Cameroon: Consistent with our goal, from November 23-December 6, we are again offering a program to Cameroon. It is often called "Africa in Miniature". Just one measure of how diverse this country is: In the coarse of two weeks will be passing through the areas of the Duala, Bankon, Mbo, Bakaka, Bassa, Bamunka, Mendankwe-Nkwen, Kom, Lamnso', Oku, and Bafut ethnic groups, to name a few. It is unlikely that these names will mean much to you now, but in the course of the tour you will get a context for this and much more. It is an extraordinarily beautiful route as well. For more information see

Togo/Benin: Traveling in Togo and Benin is a very rural-based, village-based, people-to-people experience. The tour, from December 7 to 20, explores the multi-ethnic character of this corner of Africa, which is reflected in different architecture, economies, languages, cultural rituals and social structures. Besides getting a feel for the ordinary rhythm of life, we stop to wander through markets, and cultural and historic sites, and enjoy a little bird watching and the beach. For more information see

Vietnam: January 10-24, 2009, for more details see The recipe is: one part capitalism, one part communism and a dash of assorted religions, then stir - a very intriguing society, with beautiful bicycling.

Seattle: Year around, if you visiting Seattle please consider on of our custom Seattle Heritage Bicycle Tours. For more details see

Our cultural travel programs are our main source of revenue. We hope you will support IBF by joining one of these programs: These may not be mainstream destinations, but that is part of their value. The full schedule is posted at


International Bicycle Fund

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IBF Announces Essay Contest Winners



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