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Outdoor Industry Foundation

Outdoor Industry Foundation® Releases New Report Focusing on Youth and the Outdoor Lifestyle

Boulder, Colorado

Outdoor Industry Foundation (OIF) announced today the release of a new report – The Next Generation of Outdoor Participants Report – 2007. This new OIF report provides insight into changing participation trends in outdoor recreation and highlights the activities of the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. With this focus on youth and young adults, OIF has increased its understanding of the full lifecycle of an active outdoor lifestyle among targeted groups in America.

The Next Generation of Outdoor Participants Report – 2007 is based on an on-line survey capturing responses from over 60,000 Americans ages six and older and covers 114 different activities and is the largest survey of its type examining participation in sports and outdoor activities. The survey represents a precedent-setting, collaborative effort among OIF, Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, National Golf Foundation, and SnowSports Industries America.

Key Report Findings from the The Next Generation of Outdoor Participants:

*Participation by all ages has been steady over time in the five "gateway" outdoor activities which attract the most outdoor participants.

  • Bicycling (any type)
  • Camping (backyard, car, or RV)
  • Fishing (any type)
  • Hiking (day)
  • Running/ jogging/ trail running

* Participation in Outdoor Activities declines from younger age groups to older age groups– 80% of 6-12 year olds recreated outdoors in the last two years vs. below 50% of 65+ for the two-year period. The variety of activities also decreases with age.

* Although the vast majority of Americans of all ages are trying outdoor activities, only 26% of participants engaged in one of 35 select outdoor activities two times a week or more over the last year.

* Youth tried an average of 3.4 different outdoor recreation activities in 2006 which made them far more experimental than older age groups.

* Sharp drops in participation are seen between young girls (6-12) and teen girls (age 13-17).

* Participation amongst boys remains steady until age 17-18, at which time they also drop in participation.

* Females turn to indoor activities as a source of fitness at a younger age than males.

* Skateboarders (age 6 to 24 years old) are more than twice as likely to bicycle (any type) than those who do not skateboard (age 6 to 24).

* While a smaller percent of Ethnic Americans participate in outdoor activities than White/ Caucasians, Ethnic Americans who participate in outdoor activities take part in roughly the same number of outdoor outings as White/Caucasian outdoor participants.

A full copy of The Next Generation Outdoor Participant Report - 2007 can be downloaded from the Outdoor Industry Foundation Website,

About Outdoor Industry Foundation
Outdoor Industry Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization established by the Outdoor Industry Association Board of Directors to inspire and grow future generations of outdoor Americans. Learn more about OIF at or email or call 1.303.444.3353.


Outdoor Industry Foundation
(303) 444-3353

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Outdoor Industry Foundation® Releases New Report Focusing on Youth and the Outdoor Lifestyle



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